Plant health

Some products and solutions for plant prevention, monitoring and care. From anti-snail products to glues for grafts. Each product can be customized with the customer.

Slug solution

Slugs solution

Baited metaldehyde is the best way to manage snail infestations in all weather conditions and in any environment.

Insect solution

Insects solution

Traps and glues can be preventively used to protect plants and crops from pest attacks. Our solutions combine glue technology with the optimized power of pheromones.

Grafting solution

Grafting solutions

Different solutions for every need, with synthetic or biological glue, available in all types of packaging, in order to meet the demands of a variety of consumers and agricultural needs, both conventional and biological.

Plant growth solution

Plant growth solutions

Generic and specific fertilizers to support and assist plant growth. A vast range of products that comply with European legislation.

Plant healt