Kollant, our history is our identity

Kollant was founded in 1960. Its main business was producing glue for shoe manufacturing, due to its location between Padua and Venice, along the Brenta River, one of the most famous shoe district in Italy. The former owner of Kollant was very ambitious and he studied a new formulation, coming from the glue for shoes, developing the rat glue.

Kollant is nowadays well-known for its red and yellow rat glue tube. Our history tells about Kollant evolution: from shoes glue to the rat glue, to Adama, our role in the market changed different times, we have always been semper fidelis to our identity and quality.

We really want to win the hearts of our customers, to become a reference for quality, safety and effectiveness. The real strength of Kollant is our staff. The majority of our employees have been working here for many years. They trust the company and Kollant believes in them because people value is the thing that actually matters.

Our values are our success


Humble beginnings

Our main business was producing glue for shoe manufacturing.


Opening a second location

With two production plants:
Vigonovo (Ve) and Maniago (PN).


Kollant joins the Adama Group

This enabled Kollant to look to the future with confidence and assurance.


World wide coverage

Kollant produces and distributes Home & Garden solutions to all Europe

Adama Consumer and professional solutions

Is a leading global manufacturer and worldwide distributor of crop protection and pest control solutions.


N° 1 the world’s leading provider of off-parent crop protection products


Long-term historical growth 3x global CP industry’s growth


Sixth largest crop protection company in the world


Sales in over 100 countries; direct presence in all key Ag markets


$ 4 bn Sales in 2018


>270 Active ingredients, building blocks for differentiated offering


$ 60 m Global crop protection and non-crop markets


Integrated China-Global value chain

For Any Solution We Are Available For You